Bumbershoot Lineup Announced!

So… This has me excited. Not only for the endless possibilites relating to Hall&Oats mustache-ery, but the pure, unadultrated suprises that are lining this years festival. Some of these acts we reviewed during our Sasquatch 2011 breakdown, and some are just plain unknown. We’re gearing up here at BMRE to bring you a full breakdown of Bumbershoot. My personal goal is to get what I pay for. In this case, an $80 three day ticket averages out to… drumroll please…. .68 cents per act. Yup. This years Bumbershoot will average out to .68 cents per concert. 117 acts over three days. I may have to borrow a thesaurus. Or a Truckasaurus (who will be on the bill) along with Reverend Horton Heat and Com Truise. Seriously, who is Com Truise? I don’t know, and don’t care at this point. It’s my blind “based only on their band name suprise dark horse best band I don’t know about” pick. You heard it hear first. C’mon. Com Truise isn’t worth .68 cents? Thats just crazy talk.


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