Columbia City Theater – 8-6-2011

Noah Gundersen. Some things you should know about this kid. He’s got a talented family.

Show was opened by his drummer/comedian/guitarplayer/singer. I have no name, because I am terrible at that. If you know, post me a comment. I’d love to remember. He’s 1 part newsie, two parts untrustable Eddie Haskell, and an incredible story teller. Captivating. He was a last minute fill in for the original opener. No offense to the original opener, but I’m glad they cancelled.

Then came some young kids. Like 16 – 17 year olds. I thought “How nice. Letting the little kids play the second slot before Noah comes out and steals the show.” Jaw dropped. Kids played and I heard a legit cover version of Folsum Prison Blues. Not a crappy cover. And nobody has any business covering this song. Le Wrens, however, made that one of those times you stand in a club, beer underfoot, uncomfortable huggy-kissy couple next to you, loud jock kid that forgot he was in public and the occasional frosted hair oldster that wandered in from the alley and just stare in awe. At the act on stage for a change. Awesome. Le Wrens. Don’t forget it. LeWrensBand on Myspace, or find them on the facebookings. Went to the merch table. They, of course, had hand-pressed CD’s in absurdly cute paper bags with hand glue-stick’ed cover art. If I wasn’t so old, I probably would have died from cuteness. I saw genuine excitement from musicians on stage for the first time in a long time. I felt like I was seeing a 16 year old version of Heart playing at a High School Talent show that served beer. I was, quite literally, amazed.

Now, Noah Gundersen came on stage. Set up three chairs, and a light that shone up from the floor wedges into his face. He sat down. And next to him, stage left, sat a beautiful violin player. From Le Wrens. I thought, “seriously? Is this some kind of joke?” Nope. Apparently, this whole bag of awesome is related for the most part. Abbey Gundersen, Noah’s sister was the violin player. And she rocks the Cello as well. And sings like a siren. Noah, on the other hand, sings like the devil wishes he could. Soulful, and sings lyrics that require you to pay attention. Not in order to understand them, but they require your attention simply by capturing your imagination and sending your hipster cynicisim to the beach for a mini vacation. Lets also mention the guitar player and bass player from Le Wrens are ALSO related to Abby and Noah. Von Trapps be damned.

This was the first beer swilling show I’ve stood up for the entire time, and when the lights came on, I was truly dissapointed it was over, and had no idea it had lasted so long.




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