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Northwest Convergence Zone 2nd Birthday Bash – Perry Acker

When Jack Johnson took Dave Mathews out to his beach house, they happend to run into Jason Mraz. They decided to get together and do what those guys do… Smoke out and play around a campfire. Well, Dave took a header into the fire, Jason Mraz jumped in to help him while Jack Johnson just sort of laughed to himself. What emerged from the flames was a really awesome melty fourth-meal version of those three guys called Perry Acker. A little tougher, a little more bangy, a little less wussy.


Northwest Convergence Zone 2nd Birthday Bash – The Hardcount

You’ve never seen a three piece suit, mask wearing, guitar crushing rock and roll outfit like these guys before. Seriously. It’s like your worst movie nightmare made out with some unknown guitar prodigy then threw up some Ramones covers on your pillow case. And I mean that in a seriously awesome way. Could not avert my eyes, and I’m still a little terrified. Satisfied, but terrified. Like a 3 year old that still can’t decipher fear from excitment.